Awesomenauts Introduces Genji, New Support Character

Gamers will be able to defend allies and banish enemies

Developer Ronimo Games announces that a new character will soon be added to its Awesomenauts MOBA title, called Genji, introducing the first new support option for players since Voltar.

There are 13 core characters in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, giving all those playing it plenty of options to create their own play style.

Genji will be able to shield his allies while banishing enemies and at the moment, the development team is making final changes to the character abilities via a closed beta period.

Genji is described as an Entin, a race of sentient caterpillars who have gone extinct because they failed to find enough food.

A group of religious ascetics have managed to survive by limiting their appetite and the character is currently on pilgrimage trying to rediscover his own fate.

Awesomenauts has managed to sell more than half a million copies.

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