At Least 40 More Developers Required to Complete Watch Dogs

The Reflections studio has grown to more than 200 people

Giselle Stewart, the general manager of Ubisoft Reflections, says the studio has opened up 40 new positions for teams working on Watch Dogs and the Just Dance franchise, as well as a number of other projects that could not be named at the moment.

The developer tells Develop that, “Our goal is to attract senior and experienced programmers, game designers and artists to work at Reflections, bringing our team to around 200 developers. This new growth is recognition of Reflections innovation, creativity and passion for making the best games in the UK and the world.”

Watch Dogs is one of the most innovative games that Ubisoft is working on and involves a complex near-future reality that focuses on surveillance and virtual interactions.

The Just Dance franchise has been a long-running workhorse for the publisher, constantly delivering solid sales.

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