Assassin's Creed-Themed Items Now Available in Ghost Recon Online as DLC

Get a legendary assassin hood and Abstergo weapons in the online game

Ubisoft has confirmed that in order to cross-promote Ghost Recon Online and the upcoming Tyranny of King Washington expansion for Assassin's Creed 3, it's now offering some special items in the online game, including a special hood for Recon characters.

Ghost Recon Online came out last year and has since entertained players looking for a squad-based shooter experience but not looking to pay any money for the basic game.

Now, in order to take advantage of the large number of Assassin's Creed fans in Ghost Recon Online, Ubisoft has confirmed that special items are now available for purchase inside the game.

These consist of a legendary hood for Recon characters, as well as different weapons from the franchise's fictional Abstergo Industries, so check out the list below, via an official statement.

- 5 new Recon class items: The legendary Assassin’s Creed Hood and 4 pieces of body armor

- 6 new weapons straight from the weapon racks of Abstergo industries private security forces (F2000 SP AC, Fiveseven AC, MG36 KV AC, P90 C AC, Sentinel SR-1 AC, Pentagun SP AC). These firearms boast superior accuracy and improved recoil control systems.

These new items can be purchased either with Requisition points, which can be earned in-game, or with Ghost Coins, which can be added by micro-transactions. They'll be available for purchase until March 1.

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