Assassin’s Creed 3 Diary – There Are Still Glitches

Even after the day-one patch, many issues are still present

Assassin’s Creed 3 is a pretty great game, offering many hours of excitement in the single-player campaign and plenty of unforgettable moments in the multiplayer one.

Sadly, even after the day-one patch, there are still many glitches with the open-world action game.

Like with any huge games that run on upgraded graphics engine – this time in the form of the AnvilNext one – Assassin’s Creed 3 has its fair share of bugs.

Sadly, especially since it relies a lot of missions going according to plan or on non-playable characters following a special script, bugs in the recent game result in lots of frustration and retries.

One of the biggest issues I encountered concerned horses. While you’ll still most often than not rely on your feet to get you through the different cities or throughout the frontier, you have the option of whistling for a horse that will arrive in your location in an extremely short time.

While that’s not that impressive, seeing as how a system was done by Red Dead Redemption, actually riding a horse is quite buggy, mainly because the poor animal gets stuck in even the tiniest rocks on the frontier or the smallest inconveniences in actual cities.

Instead of jumping over obstacles, like in RDR, horses will automatically stop in the their tracks, even if you were galloping at full speed.

Another frequent glitch appeared in missions where you needed to follow certain NPCs. They’d often get stuck on ledges or at certain moments in time, so your only chance at getting them back on tracks was restarting the most recent checkpoint.

There are also actual missions where either objectives don’t spawn or the game doesn’t detect the fact that you’re in the required area.

One such case happened during Paul Revere’s “The British are coming” quest, where you needed to visit different settlements on the Frontier and then find the actual houses where the Patriots were hidden. I spent a lot of time circling around the houses before I restarted the whole mission.

Thankfully, the game automatically saves quite often, but these glitches can really wear on your nerves.

Did you encounter any major issues with the game?

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