Asheron’s Call 2 Brought Back by Turbine for Free

The new Dawnsong server is offered to all those who play the original game in the series

Developer Turbine is re-launching Asheron’s Call 2 on a new game server, free for all those who are already paying a subscription in order to play the original MMO in the series.

The official announcement from Turbine says, “Although we would have loved to revisit some of our old characters with you, we were not able to bring over any of your old characters. We do, however, present this new Asheron’s Call 2 server, Dawnsong, to all active Asheron’s Call players with a paid subscription or who purchase an ACTD retail key and subscribe.”

Asheron’s Call 2 was launched in 2002 and the game was shut down in 2005 because it failed to find a solid player base.

Turbine says that it still needs to monitor Asheron’s Call 2 and tweak the game in order to eliminate all issues that the MMO had.

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