Art Book Gets Mass Effect 3 Fans Access to Exclusive Assault Rifle

Players will need to order through a specific retailer

Dark Horse has announced that it will be soon publishing an art book called “Art of the Mass Effect Universe,” which will allow fans of the fictional universe to get an exclusive download code linked to the Mass Effect 3 video game.

A number of conditions apply: gamers need to pre-order the art collection and do it through retailer Barnes & Nobles.

For their effort and their money, gamers will get a code that will allow them to access a number of character boosters and get a Collector Assault Rifle, which can only be used in the newly introduced multiplayer mode.

The official description says “The Collector Assault Rifle uses the same principles as a human assault rifle, but its organic components clearly set it apart. Its power source appears to be an internal organ with biotic capacitance; its ammunition resembles pellets of metallic enamel that strip shields off enemies with deadly efficiency.”

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