Arma 3 Alpha Gets Infantry Combat Guide Video

Gamers can learn about situational awareness and positioning

Developer Bohemia Interactive is keen to attract as many players as possible to its Arma 3 Alpha release and a new trailer is being launched, designed to explain how players should approach infantry battles in the military simulation.

The video covers core concepts like situational awareness, how to deal with enemy contacts, the best way to open fire on targets and how to position your soldier to both conceal him and have a good position to attack an enemy from.

Arma 3 Alpha is designed to allow players to explore the island of Stratis and experience the core mechanics of the shooter.

The team is offering access to 4 single-player missions, 2 cooperative scenarios and a limited number of vehicles and weapons.

The Lite version of the Alpha can be obtained for free via an invitation from those who have already bought Arma 3.

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