Arcen Games Launches Bionic Dues, October 8

The new game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux

A new tactical, turn-based roguelite game (with mech customization) has been announced by Arcen Games and is set to be released next week on Steam as well as other distributors.

It is called Bionic Dues and it explores over 40 unique bots, giving the player the chance to carve his own path by choosing 50 missions out of the 120, helping you prepare for the gruesome battle with the robot army. You can mix and match your squad of four and set off into one of the 23 different missions.

Whether you want to play at a low difficulty level or a hardcore one, the choice is yours. The whole game experience comes with a great soundtrack by composer Pablo Vega, headlined by the game's title theme "The Home We Once Knew."

Constantly growing, the Arcen Games team is happy to announce that the game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux next Tuesday, October 8.

Besides this, a trailer has been launched and can be found on the game's official site along with some juicy screenshots.

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