Anomaly: Warzone Earth Creators Reveal Secret Project, 50% Off Pre-Orders

The game will be officially revealed later during the month

11bit Studios, the development team that created Anomaly: Warzone Earth, announces that it is working on a new secret project that can be bought with a 50 percent price cut before February 28, the date when exact details about the game will be revealed.

Fans of the studio can watch the teaser that they have revealed, which contains a number of hints about the game, which will be offered on the PC, with support for Windows and Linux, and Mac.

The launch date is set for the second quarter of the year and gamers will get access to a Steam key on launch date and as well as to a special gaming gift from 11bit Studios.

The idea of buying a game without having any information about it, even with a price cut, is an interesting one and might serve indie developers well in the future.

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