Anodyne Developer Asks Pirates to Help Greenlight the Game, Offers Keys as Reward

The company wants to get as much feedback as possible from the community

Analgesic Productions, the indie developer behind the title Anodyne, is ready to forgive video game pirates for their infringements as long as they offer feedback for the game and vote to get it approved for the Steam Greenlight program.

Sean Hogan, the founder of Analgesic, writes in comments on torrent sites, according to Develop, that, “Piracy is inevitable so it’s better to embrace it – plus, it gives lots of people who couldn’t normally afford the game the opportunity to play it – and I think when you’re a small group of developers (only my friend Jon and I made Anodyne), it’s better to have lots of people able to experience your game.”

Pirates can get keys for the Desura version of the game, but they need to vote for Anodyne, an interesting 16-bit adventure, and to talk to the developers about their experience with the game.

The PC space has been hard hit by piracy and developers have found different ways to try to deal with the issue.

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