Analyst: Xbox 720 Will Be Comparable to PlayStation 4

The console will include Skype integration, more Kinect features

Michael Pachter, the analyst watching the video game industry for Wedbush Morgan, believes that once Microsoft announced that Xbox 720 next gen console many of its core features will be comparable to those that Sony recently revealed for its own PlayStation 4.

The next gen of gaming devices will have similar computing power and an equivalent number of first party video games ready for launch window.

The particularities of the Xbox 720 might include, “”Kinect bundled with every next-generation Xbox, integration of Skype into the Xbox dashboard, greater multimedia functionality, integration with any smart phone or tablet (“smart glass”), search functionality through Bing, and enhanced Internet access.”

With the PlayStation 4 revealed and capturing the imagination of players Microsoft needs to move fast to reveal its own future project.

Some analyst believe that the firm is currently finalizing hardware structure and could make an announcement during April.

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