Analyst: GTA V Absence Shows Publisher’s Lack of Trust in Wii U

The company needs to sell more of its new consoles

Michael Pachter, the analyst watching the video game industry for Wedbush Morgan, says that the lack of a Wii U version for Grand Theft Auto V shows that some publishers don't trust the new Nintendo console and will avoid launching high-profile titles on it.

The analyst says, “I have spoken to several publishers who are skeptical, and I think that the Wii U will see a lower level of third party support than the Wii did, unless sales materially improve.”

Before the Wii U was launched, Nintendo said that it wanted to see all publishers work on the device, launching titles that ranged from first-person shooters to complex role-playing game.

At the moment, the biggest sellers on the device are titles created by Nintendo itself and a long-term lack of third-party games might lead to even lower sales for the device.

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