Amazon Home Console Will Launch in March – Sources

The device will compete with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4

The much rumored Amazon home console is now expected to be officially revealed and launch at some point during March of this year, allowing gamers to stream video content on their TV sets and to get access to a variety of gaming applications.

Sources are telling Recode that the device is designed to compete directly with the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

It will be powered by the Android operating system, as the Ouya is, and the price is expected to be smaller than 300 dollars or Euro.

Amazon will probably use a strategy similar to that for the Kindle, which means that it will be willing to sell the actual hardware at cost or even take a loss in order to create a large customer base that will then offer a solid, long term revenue stream for the company.

No official comment has been offered so far.

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