All “War of the Immortals” Packs Now 66% Off on Steam

The promotional deal is available until November 18

War of the Immortals MMORPG has just received the Titan's Fury expansion pack. To celebrate, developers are now offering all of the game's packs for 66% off the original price.

Fans of the genre will be able to purchase the Starter Pack for only €5 and the Wander's Pack for just €10. The promotional deal will be available until November 18. Check it out here.

The new expansion pack adds the Titan’s Temple and the Titan Dungeon locations. Obviously, new quests, items and other exciting changes are included in the new Titan's Fury pack as well.

“The threat of extinction is now a possibility as the seal to the Titan’s Temple has been weakened. What power could possibly be responsible for this breach and who would be foolish enough to release the Titans? If released new alliances must be forged to stop the impending Doomsday and quell the Titan’s Fury!”

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