All PlayStation 4 Games Will Work on Vita on Day One, Says Sony

The two devices will interact in a number of meaningful ways

The PlayStation Vita handheld from Sony has performed worse than expected, and many believe that the device cannot manage a rebound in the coming year. However, Sony is ready to boost its fortunes by directly linking it to the recently announced PlayStation 4.

Remote Play for Vita will allow all video games offered on the PS4 to be streamed to the handheld, giving players more options when it comes to mobility and accessibility.

Shuhei Yoshida, the executive handling most of the post-reveal PlayStation 4 interview, tells GameSpot that “I would be heartbroken if it doesn’t day one. On day one, my expectation is that we have to have all games work on PS Vita.”

It’s widely expected that Sony will also offer a bundle that includes both the PlayStation 4 and the Vita in order to boost sales of both devices.

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