All Paradox Games Aim for Quality in Their Genre

The developer wants to continue to dominate the grand strategy space

Frederik Wester, the chief executive officer at Paradox, says that all video games that his company starts working on initially sound as the best experience available in their genre.

He adds, while talking to Gamespy, that, “Now, once it gets to vertical slice, we see if it’s great or if it’s bad, and if it’s bad, we’ll close it down and move onto the next idea. That’s what you’ll see from Paradox – fewer and better titles. The quality improvement is the most important thing we’re working on right now.”

Over time, the publisher has acquired a reputation for launching deep games that needed a couple of patches to be totally playable.

The biggest series for Paradox Interactive is Europa Universalis, which is set to get its fourth full installment later during the year.

The company is also working on smaller games with outside studios, like Arrowhead and Fatshark.

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