Aliens: Colonial Marines Single-Player Wasn't Outsourced, Sega Says

Gearbox has handled development with just a little help from other studios

Aliens: Colonial Marines publisher Sega has revealed that the game's developer, Gearbox, hasn't actually outsourced the work on the single-player campaign to another studio, as external teams have only helped out on certain portions of the shooter.

After the lackluster reception for Aliens: Colonial Marines yesterday, rumors appeared on the web claiming that the main developer, Gearbox Software, actually outsourced the development of the single-player campaign to another studio, TimeGate Studios.

Now, Sega has denied those rumors, confirming via DSOG that Gearbox has been completely in charge of the game's development and that other teams, like Timegate as well as Demiurge, and Nerve have helped the original studio with certain portions of the single-player and the multiplayer.

Even so, the game has been hit with negative reviews both from regular players and from actual reviewers, so no matter what studio worked on the shooter, it's still a disappointment for many.

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