Aliens: Colonial Marines Single-Player Wasn't Made by Gearbox Software

TimeGate apparently handled the story while Gearbox focused on multiplayer

After the terrible launch of Aliens: Colonial Marines earlier today, an older report has surfaced on the web, which claimed that Gearbox Software, the supposed main developer, actually outsourced work on the single-player campaign to another studio called TimeGate, which previously worked on Section 8: Prejudice.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was eagerly awaited by lots of fans, but it ended up disappointing both regular gamers and professional reviewers, who bombarded it with low scores.

Now, Superannuation has dug up a former report which mentioned that the single-player campaign in Colonial Marines was actually made by TimeGate Studios and that the main developer, Gearbox, was only involved in the multiplayer mode.

The report is based on a statement made by a former developer who wanted fans to lower their expectations about the game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines admits right in the opening cinematic that it's the product of a collaboration between Gearbox, TimeGate, Demiurge, and Nerve.

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