Aliens: Colonial Marines Plagued by Save Game Data Corruption on Xbox 360

Sega recommends players to uninstall the game and play it off the disc

Sega has confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines is currently being affected by an issue that corrupts the save game data on the title's Xbox 360 edition after the optional installation is completed.

Aliens: Colonial Marines came out last week and, while a lot of fans were looking forward to its release, the shooter ended up disappointing many and earning lots of negative or mediocre reviews.

Now, it seems that the game is also plagued by serious issues on the Xbox 360, as after owners complete the optional HDD install, their save game data gets corrupted.

Sega is aware of this issue and has posted a message on its support service.

Until it finds a fix, the publisher advises Xbox 360 owners of Aliens: Colonial Marines to uninstall the game from the hard drive and play it regularly via the disc.

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