Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Trailer Now Available

Check out some impressive footage from the recently released shooter

After releasing Aliens: Colonial Marines around the world yesterday, Sega has just revealed the launch trailer for the game, showing off a bit of footage from the new shooter made by Gearbox Software and a variety of other studios.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was eagerly awaited by millions of movie fans from around the world but, as we saw yesterday when the game came out, many were disappointed, as the shooter was bombarded with negative reviews both from regular players and from actual professional reviewers.

Now, in order to get people interested in the game, Gearbox and Sega have just posted a launch trailer.

The footage emphasizes the tense atmosphere of the game as well as the ferocity of the actual aliens in the new shooter.

Sequences where players take control of iconic weapons like the flame thrower or the power loader are also present, so check out the trailer above.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out now on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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