Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Season Pass, Covers Four DLC Packs

New content for the single-player and multiplayer modes are coming soon

Two retailers have confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will get a special Season Pass bundle that offers owners of the game access to four different DLC packs that bring new content for the single-player campaign plus the multiplayer mode.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is eagerly awaited by lots of fans of the movie series, as Gearbox and Sega, the two companies behind it, have promised a great experience in the same vein as the actual films.

Now, both GameStop and GreenManGaming have posted announcements for the Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass.

The new bundle includes access to all four DLC packs that will be released for Colonial Marines from March until the end of summer.

The new DLC will include new single-player campaign content, as well as additional multiplayer maps, new modes, and character customizations.

No other details are known as of yet, but you can expect something official to be revealed soon enough.

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