Aliens: Colonial Marines Diary – Multiplayer Is Tense, True to the Universe

Gamers will get to play as both the marines and the xenomorphs

I am not the kind of player who likes multiplayer matches and I rarely jump into one, especially in a first-person shooter like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I’ve already had a little time with the game during the Gamescom 2012 event and the team-based experience impressed me enough that I spent about three days playing the multiplayer modes of Aliens during almost all my free time.

I admit that I’m not the best player, with either the humans or the aliens, but I am having fun even when my team is losing (something that I should not admit) and I find that Colonial Marines delivers the tension associated with the series in multiplayer.

The best moment happed in the Survivor mode when playing as the Marines, with four lonely players huddled together in a corner of the map, trying to cover all the possible entry points with our weapons and hopefully a turret.

Marines have just one life and need to make sure that they stay together, while the xenomorphs can respawn as much as they want but require teamwork in order to get among the humans and first incapacitate and then kill them.

When I play as a human, I always wonder exactly how the aliens end up surprising me, dropping from an unexpected angle and taking out an entire group of four in less than one minute.

When I switch teams, I wonder how the enemy Marines are able to coordinate so well and cover all avenues of approach that I can discover.

It’s a testament to the quality of the experience offered by Aliens: Colonial Marines that I managed to discover more ways to kill and get killed after two days of play.

For me, the multiplayer is strong enough to make up for the disappointing campaign, although this may vary depending on your preferences or play style.

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