Alea Jacta Est Goes Back in Time with Birth of Rome

Players will be able to fight Samnites, Gauls, Carthage

The development team at AGEOD announces that its next video game is called Alea Jacta Est – Birth of Rome, designed to take history lovers and strategy players back to the first few years of the Republic and give them a chance to re-create the events that led it to greatness.

The core engine and mechanics are the same as in Alea Jacta Est and will include five full scenarios:

The 3rd Samnite War – pits Rome and her Etruscan allies against the Samnites between 298 and 291 BC;

The Senones War – Rome battles a Gallic tribe in Northern Italy and avenges the sacking that took place in 390 BC;

Pyrrhic Victories – Pyrrhus of Epicurs is close to taking down the Republic in this conflict based around the entire mainland;

The First Punic War – a long war fought between 264 and 241 that sees Rome fight Carthage mainly via the sea and in Sicily, a very long campaign between 264 and 241 BC, pitting Rome against Carthage for the control of Sicily;

The Mercenary War – Cartage fights its own mercenaries in Northern Africa.

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