Activision Details Photo-Realistic Characters for Next-Gen Consoles at GDC 2013

A studio's representative will show developers how to cross the uncanny valley

Activision Blizzard will hold a special presentation at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2013 about photo-realistic characters and how they'll be possible on next-generation consoles.

GDC 2013 will be filled with all sorts of great presentations, including one from Bungie, where the studio will showcase just how it developed the world of its upcoming Destiny project.

Now, the conference's website has also revealed that Activision Blizzard's real-time graphics research and development programmer, Jorge Jimenez, will hold a presentation called "Photorealistic Eyes Rendering and Deformation."

According to a brief description, Jimenez will talk about overcoming the uncanny valley with next-generation techniques and shading.

What's more, he'll demonstrate the technologies in real-time by using a computer with "plausible" components that will be used in next-generation consoles.

GDC 2013 kicks off in San Francisco on March 25 and lasts until March 29.

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