Activision: Destiny Popularity Will Be Similar on Xbox One and PS4

The company wants to achieve a Call of Duty level of success

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive officer of Activision Publishing, believes that the coming Destiny video game from Bungie has the potential to be a multiplatform success that mimics the popularity of the Call of Duty series.

The executive expressed his hopes for the future while explaining that his company was platform agnostic and was willing to deliver titles for all the platforms that gamers loved and invested time in.

Hirshberg tells IGN that, “We’ve struck the right balance, because Call of Duty is equally popular on PlayStation as it is on Xbox. We hope Destiny is the same.”

Destiny is the new game world from Bungie, the creators of Halo, and the game is designed to take players to the far future as they travel the galaxy in order to solve quests and protect Earth.

The game will launch in 2014.

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