A Valley Without Wind 2 Beta Is Available on Steam

Those who got the original get access to the new game

Video game developer Arcen Games announces that the latest beta version for its upcoming A Valley Without Wind 2 is available on Steam for both the PC and the Mac.

The beta release can be accessed by all those who have bought A Valley Without Wind 2 and they will also get a free copy of the first title in the series.

The developers add, “The bundle deal also works the other way around, so anyone who purchases (or has purchased) the first game, gets the sequel for free.”

A Valley Without Wind 2 is also available, with the same two-sided deal, from the official Arcen Store.

The new game is seen as a complete re-imagining of the first experience that introduces a number of new mechanics.

Gamers take on the role of mages infiltrated in the inner circle of Demonaica, who steal his power and lead a revolt against him.

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