“A New Beginning – Final Cut” Out on Steam for 10% Off

The adventure game can now be purchased for $8.99, €8.99 or £7.19

Daedalic’s highly acclaimed “A New Beginning” adventure game has just been launched on Steam. The new version of the game comes with fresh features and improvements in comparison with the original title that was launched back in 2010.

To differentiate the two versions of the game and to emphasize the improvements added, developers have called the latest title “A New Beginning – Final Cut.”

“The Final Cut” comes with 28 Steam Achievements and is localized for seven different languages. It also features full translations into English, German, French and Russian with subtitles for Italian, Spanish and Polish. It is also worth mentioning that the game includes around 60 minutes of cutscenes.

The game is now available for purchase on Steam for 10% off, which means that for one week customers will be able to grab it for only $8.99, €8.99 or £7.19. Check it out here.

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