A Gamer’s Week: March 23

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The review department of Softpedia Games this week has been busy delivering long-form evaluations of: Luftrausers, the new Vlambeer game that seems incredibly fun to play, Tiny Thief, Qvadriga, a title that simulates Ancient Roman chariot racing very well, Deus Ex: The Fall, which was finally launched on the PC, and 10 Second Ninja.

We also have two editorials about the world of gaming: one of them dealing with the link between the launch of Titanfall and the hype level that preceded it and another about the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and firmware updates.

The Weekend Reading feature also deals with the shooter from developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts and its multiplayer online nature.

The Gamer Diary section includes articles linked to Dark Souls 2, the From Software and Namco Bandai-created action role-playing game, and Qvadriga, with a closer look at the way it manages to simulate a sport that no longer exists.

The EndWeekGame piece talks about our plans for the weekend period and we also have a selection of the most important news that passed us by during the week.

On Monday, the mystery character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 was revealed to be Decapre, and Microsoft explained that it plans to deliver PC drivers for the Xbox One controller during this year.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom launch of Titanfall managed to boost sales of the Xbox One by 96 percent in one week.

Tuesday, Respawn revealed that it was evaluating feedback for its shooter and would soon deliver patches and more content, and Microsoft launched a preview version of the new April firmware for the Xbox One.

At the same time, Ramlethal Valentine was revealed as turning from boss to playable character in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN.

Wednesday, 343 Industries revealed that it was expanding its development team ahead of a big E3 2014 reveal, while Sony showed off its new Morpheus virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 home console.

The Creative Assembly delivered more details on the new factions that will be included in Hannibal at the Gates campaign expansion for Total War: Rome II.

Thursday, the creator of Mega Man talked about the indie origins of the game, a leak about Project Morpheus talked about price and coming titles for virtual reality, and a full trailer was launched for Battlefield 4 Naval Strike.

On Friday, Sony showed how successful free-to-play is on the PlayStation brand of device, Ubisoft offered info on the PS4 and the PS3 versions of Watch Dogs and its exclusive content, and Microsoft revealed DirectX 12, which will arrive in 2015.

Saturday, a new follower for Dragon Age: Inquisition was introduced, and the first development diary for Europa Universalis IV – Wealth of Nations was delivered.

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