A Gamer’s Week: January 13

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It might be the thirteenth of the month but there’s no bad luck when recapping yet another week of video game content so let’s kick-off this article by pointing out that our first review for the week was for Minion Master, a free-to-play video game that mixes card play with tactics.

We also have the continuing diary dealing with the most interesting video game releases of this year, talking about everything from Company of Heroes 2 to Tomb Raider.

As always there are also two Weekend Reading features to read: one dealing with the proposed video game burning in Southington and another about the superiority of the PC over the Steam box and Shield.

The EndWeekGame article tells you what we plan to do with our free time and we also have a selection of the most important news of the past week.

On Monday Nvidia launched CES 2013 by revealing its new Project Shield, a home console using its own hardware, while a leak showed off the actual map descriptions for the Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2.

Tuesday Nintendo used a press conference to announce the existence of Pokemon X & Y and a rumor talked about the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V, which might include Drive artist Kavinsky.

Wednesday The Pokemon Company and GameFreak followed up on the announcement by offering details for Pokemon X & Y and Electronic Arts talked about the three expansion for The Sims 3 that will arrive this year.

Thursday Valve warned about some Wallet based scams and David Gaider talked about the toxic fans that can affect Dragon Age: Inquisition development.

On Friday Microsoft commented on the possible competition from Steam box and Nvidia’s Shield while a large percentage of United States parents say video games are a problem.

Saturday Blizzard talked about the new 1.07 dueling patch for Diablo III and Valve announced that it was eliminating a number of items from Team Fortress 2.

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