A Gamer’s Week: February 3

Delivering news, columns, reviews and gamer diaries

This week we have three full Softpedia reviews to deliver: The Cave, an adventure game with quite a bit of added humor from Double Fine, DmC: Devil May Cry, the new Ninja Theory created action title that uses the Capcom character, and another for the second episode of the Erica Reed adventure game.

We also have the usual two Weekend Reading features: one focusing on how time relates to skill in the video games and another about the recently announced delay for GTA V.

We also have a Quick Look for the multiplayer component of Crysis 3, which is currently in beta.

Our Incoming Games 2013 series continues to talk about the big releases of the coming 11 months and we also have a Gamer Diary for The Cave, detailing some of the most interesting aspects of the platforming and puzzle mix.

As always, we also detail our time spent with games with the EndWeekGame article and we have a selection of the most interesting news from the past seven days.

On Monday, TRQ talked about the situation at Vigil while Namco apologized for issues with Ni No Kuni.

On Tuesday, an image appeared showing a potential retail copy for GTA V available in Shanghai and the developers explained that in the future the series might feature a science fiction theme.

On Wednesday, Visceral talked about the Dead Space 3 PC port and Activision addressed the sensitive topic of region locking.

Thursday brought us news that GTA V was officially delayed to September 17 of this year and Bethesda talked about the beta stage for The Elder Scrolls Online MMO.

On Friday, a teaser was offered for the reveal of the PlayStation 4 while the creator of Wing Commander commented on the race between PCs and home consoles.

On Saturday, another rumored appeared about the reveal of the PS4 and Blizzard revealed the social features of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

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