A Gamer’s Week: February 17

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The Softpedia review category this week includes: Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first-person shooter from developer Gearbox and publisher SEGA, Special Forces Team X, a multiplayer-focused comic book style third-person shooter from Zombie Studios.

We also have a Quick Look for the already mentioned Aliens: Colonial Marines.

In the Weekend Reading category we have the usual two features: one linked to the blame for the poor quality of the Gearbox and SEGA project and another about the rumors for the coming PlayStation 4 from Sony.

In the Game Diaries department we deliver a series of articles linked to Aliens: Colonial Marines, dealing with the lack of scares and the following teammates trend, and the usual countdown for the coming months.

As usual, we also have an EndWeekGame piece about our free time and how we plan to fill it and a selection of the most interesting news from the week that was.

On Monday, Nvidia announced that it was offering players free in-game money for titles like Planetside 2, Hawken and World of Tanks, while Telltale talked about a potential game and TV series crossover for The Walking Dead.

Tuesday, BioWare revealed the new Mass Effect Risk board game and a leak offered information on the specifications for Xbox 720.

Wednesday Electronic Arts suggested that the next gen of consoles would not have backwards compatibility and Blizzard says Diablo 3 players are too dependent on the Auction House.

Thursday, images leaked showing the controller for the PlayStation 4 and BioWare talked about the Reckoning DLC for Mass Effect 3.

On Friday a new creature evolution was shown for Pokemon X & Y while a Gears of War real time strategy is apparently linked to the Xbox 720.

Saturday The Last Guardian was rumored to be linked to the PlayStation 4 and Destiny from Bungie is rumored to be launching on October 6.

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