A Gamer’s Week: February 10

Delivering reviews, Quick Looks, diaries, columns and news

In the review department, we tackle three interesting titles: Dead Space, the space-based horror and shooter combination from developer Visceral Games and publisher Electronic Arts, Omerta – City of Gangsters, the strategic and tactics mix from Haemimont Games and Kalypso, and the delightful Dungeonland from Paradox Interactive.

We also have three Quick Looks: one for Expeditions Conquistador, an interesting role playing and tactics mix from Logic Artists, one for March of the Eagles, a Napoleonic era strategy from Paradox Interactive, and a final one for The Showdown Effect, a multiplayer combat 2D game from Arrowhead Games.

We also have a new Gamer Diary, dealing with the scares and the action of Dead Space 3, and a continuing series of articles linked to the most expected video game launches of the coming months.

As always, we deliver two Weekend Reading features: one about the way virtual experiences mix with real-world romance and another about used games and next-gen consoles.

The EndWeekGame article talks about our free time for the weekend and we also have a look at the most important news of the past week.

On Monday, a list of video games that are supposed to arrive on Steam were uncovered, while an analyst said that GTA V might sell 18 million units in six months after launch.

On Tuesday, CD Projekt RED revealed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Sony stocked rumors about the February 20 reveal for the PlayStation 4.

On Wednesday, more details were offered about the new Witcher 3 and Relic talked about a potential German campaign for Company of Heroes 2.

Thursday was all about next-gen consoles, with rumors about the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720.

On Friday, BioWare talked about the next Mass Effect game, while a former executive revealed the motivations that drove Microsoft to the console business.

On Saturday, another rumor about the PlayStation 4 appeared and Nintendo limited Miiverse interactions for young users.

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