A Gamer’s Week: December 30

Delivering news, columns, GOTY 2012 awards and diaries

This week might just be the slowest in terms of news of the year, when it comes to gaming but also to other areas that Softpedia covers, and we’ve also taken some time off to be with our families for Christmas.

This means that we have no reviews for you to read from the past seven days, although you are always welcome to peruse our extensive archive.

We do have a continuing series of Game of the Year articles which we’ve updated this week and we invite you to come back tomorrow in order to find out the winners of the Best Game of 2012 category.

There’s also a full Diary that covers the events of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

As always, we have the Weekend Reading features: one dealing with the potential of a very tough 2013 for the video game industry and another about how great 2012 has been.

We also deliver an EndWeekGame article about our coming gaming time, which is set to extend over as many as five full days.

And, as always, we have a look at the most important events that took place during the past seven-day period.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we only covered the continuing and extensive series of deals that Valve delivered via the Winter Sale on Steam and the new screenshots that Rockstar revealed for Grand Theft Auto V as a present for their faithful fans.

On Thursday, Gearbox announced an increase in the level cap for Borderlands 2, while Square Enix offered more info on Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

On Friday, Tera went free to play in Japan and South Korea and inXile talked about the irradiated crabs in Wasteland 2.

On Saturday, Dead Space 3 received more dementia details and Xbox Live was affected by a new error code.

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