A Gamer's Week: April 24

Portal 2 is the biggest launch of the week, with the entire Potato based alternate reality mode making the community excited long before the actual launch of the game, and we at Softpedia managed to take a Quick Look at the game before delivering a full review for the latest offering from Valve.

We also put up a Quick Look for MotorStorm Apocalypse, a full review for Anomaly Warzone Earth and we have Gamer Diaries that talk about it and about Portal 2.

There are also two Weekend Reading pieces for you to read, one about Portal 2 and user reactions to the launch and another about the line between a role playing game and Shift 2 Unleashed, alongside an EndWeekGame article.

And, as always, we have a section of the new from the last seven days.

On Monday the developers at DICE working on Battlefield 3 talked about how the existence of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 keep back the quality of PC based versions just as Nintendo put into effect a price cut for the Wii home console, taking it to 169 dollars.

Tuesday Epic Games talked about the Gears of War 3 beta and about how they hope it will deliver real and significant feedback on the game while team at Bethesda talked about their upcoming games and their focus on quality.

Wednesday the creators of Mortal Kombat talked about the lack of an exclusive fighter for the Xbox 360 version of the game while a new Collector's Edition for Deus Ex: Human Revolution was detailed for Europe.

On Thursday Shift 2 Unleashed received an announcement about the Legends DLC while inside sources said that new consoles from Sony and Microsoft might only be unveiled in 2014.

On Friday another possible price point for the Nintendo Wii 2 was suggested while Shigeru Miyamoto refused to comment on rumors about the new console.

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