A Game of Dwarves Gets Star Wars and Ale Pack DLC

They add more items, enemies and new dwarf characters

Developer Zeal Game Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive are giving those who are playing a Game of Dwarves a chance to pick up a new piece of downloadable content called Star Dwarves, which introduces science fiction based elements to the fantasy setting.

The included items are generators, holographic statues, the iconic captain’s chair and the Beardprober, a monster who only seeks to capture dwarves in order to test their facial hair.

The description says, “the dwarves can combat these invaders with new military classes, including the rifle-toting Redshirt, and the Knight, a melee fighter who relies on training he acquired a long time ago in some place far, far away.”

The DLC is based around the rather crazy idea that at least one clan of Dwarves made it to space and back underground again.

The Ale Pack for the Paradox game is also available on Steam.

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