A Call of Duty Movie Would Damage the Brand, Activision Says

Bobby Kotick doesn't have faith in game-based movies

Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick doesn't want his company's precious Call of Duty franchise to receive a movie adaptation, as he believes such a project to have low chances of success and would only end up damaging the brand.

Call of Duty games result in huge profits for Activision Blizzard and have a huge and quite loyal following among gamers all over the world, no matter the platform.

Given this popularity, quite a lot of movie studios have tried to get Activision's blessing to make a movie based on the series.

The company's CEO, Bobby Kotick, doesn't want such a thing, as he told the New York Times that "movies based on video games rarely please devoted fans and could taint the brand."

While Kotick is quite adamant about the quality of movies based on games, other companies are quite involved in this aspect, like Ubisoft, which is preparing films based on Assassin's Creed and on Splinter Cell.

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