911 Video Games Funded via Kickstarter During 2012

The service received no less than 2,796 applications

The Kickstarter service has announced that during 2012 it saw 2,796 funding initiatives launched for video games, of which 911 were successful.

1,378,143 backers have given the projects more than 83 million dollars (64 million Euro), which makes video games as a category the second biggest on Kickstarter after the one that deals with art.

The category has a higher than average funding percentage, but it also sees a high failure rate for announced projects.

In 2012, Kickstarter saw the successful funding of the Double Fine adventure game project that is supposed to arrive in 2013.

Another high-profile initiative was the one launched by developer Obsidian for Project Eternity.

The gaming-related hardware projects that were funded in 2012 include the Ouya gaming consoles and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Overall, more than 2.2 million backers used Kickstarter in order to fund more than 18,100 projects.

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