500 Free Games Are Being Given Away by GOG

GOG is celebrating the fact that it's now selling over 500 games on the website

GOG, the digital distribution service formerly known as Good Old Games, has just celebrated the fact that it now sells over 500 games and, in order to share this great achievement with fans, it's organizing a special giveaway of 500 games.

GOG started out life as a niche website that offered older titles without any sort of pesky DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, as well as with different types of bonuses.

Now, the website has revealed a special giveaway to celebrate the fact that it's selling over 500 games.

All GOG fans need to do in order to win one of the 500 free games offered by the service is to access this giveaway and enter their email address for one chance at the prizes. Completing other things, like answering a question, following GOG on Twitter or sharing the giveaway also nets players more chances.

The giveaway ends on January 24 at 10:59am GMT so make sure to enter as soon as possible.

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