343 Industries Reveals Multiplayer Concept Art for Warhorse

The team has not offered any details on possible game modes

The development team at 343 Industries has offered fans of the Halo series a brief look at the concept art that is linked to one of the multiplayer maps that will be involved in the upcoming Halo 4.

The images show a facility on a gas mining ship that is only half finished and the concept will allow the development team to create varied access routes and a number of solid killing fields.

The developers say it will create a “memorable feel, from an interesting and unseen part of the Halo universe.”

Other options for the map included a science facility and an isolated space on a jungle planet.

Halo 4 is at the moment in development at 343 Industries and will mark the return of core character Master Chief and his Artificial Intelligence companion Cortana.

The game will be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft this fall.


Warhorse Halo 4 Images (3 Images)

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