10-Year GTA: Vice City Anniversary Celebrated with New Rockstar Video

The title revolutionized the open-world action genre

Video game developer Rockstar is giving fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise a reason to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Vice City via a new video. The new trailer is also a promotional tool for the launch of the game on mobile platforms that run iOS or Android.

GTA: Vice City was launched in 2002 and uses an open world city modeled after Miami, where players need to complete the revenge quest of Tommy Vercetti and build a criminal empire while engaging in a lot of side activities.

The game consolidated Rockstar’s reputation as the best developer of open-world games and paved the way for the success of other titles like GTA IV.

At the moment, Rockstar is working on the fifth core game in the series, which will be launched on home consoles during spring 2013.

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