007 Legends Has Skyfall Characters on the PlayStation 3

Gamers can control both Eve and Patrice in the multiplayer modes

The development team at Eurocom and publisher Sony unveils a new feature for 007 Legends that integrates two new characters, taken from the upcoming Skyfall movie, on the PlayStation 3.

Gamers will be able to play as Eve, the MI6 agent specialized in field actions who is played by Naomie Harris, and Patrice, an assassin embodied by Ola Rapace.

Both characters get their own set of skills and abilities, and players will only be able to use them in the multiplayer game modes.

007 Legends is available on the PS3 but also on the Xbox 360, and the Skyfall downloadable content will be offered on October 26, when the new Bond movie is also officially launched.

The new Bond video game is designed to allow players to play through some of the best known moments from the most interesting movies in the franchise and one operations is taken from Skyfall.

The Nintendo Wii U is also set to get a version of 007 Legends.


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